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Teaching Parents & Teachers                                    "The Positive Discipline Way"


Teaching "The Positive Discipline Way"  leads parents and teachers to understand the key to children's misbehavior, responding with kind and firm discipline and focusing on solutions rather than punishment.


Based on the work of Alfred Adler and Rudolph Dreikurs, Jane Nelsen Ed.D created the "Teaching Parenting and Teachers the Positive Discipline Way", fun, interactive experiential activities workshops which focus on teaching practical skills so children from the "terrible twos" to "defiant teens" stop misbehaving, learn self-discipline, become responsible, cooperative, respectful, productive and have problem solving skills, so they can be supported in becoming happy adults.


By participating in Positive Discipline workshops you will discover how to:


• Teach children life skills and values.

• Understand and respond to misbehavior with loving 


• Use kindness and firmness at the same time

• Identify potential problems and develop skills to prevent


• Put love and joy into relationships with your children

• Budget time each week for family activities

• Build effective communication between all family members

• Blend rules and traditions

• Handle sibling rivalry

• Avoid bedtime hassles

• Teach anger management skills to children

• Help your children succeed in school

• Teach time management

• Encourage independence and exploration

• Recognize when your child is ready to master the challenges

   of sleeping, eating, and potty training

• Avoid power struggles

            • Teach children decision-making and problem-solving skills