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"Don't take life seriously; it's only a temporary situation."


The way we choose to respond to life challenges will affect the rest of our life!


Why not choose humor?


Each individual holds the capacity of creativity, love, passion, wisdom, social relationships, and more. Using humor as a tool allows us to have a new outlook on life, to help diffuse stressful situations and to facilitate in creating a safe camaraderie with our family, friends and co-workers.


Through our fun and activity based workshops you will learn to use humor as a tool to deal with daily life strains.


In this workshop you will gain the knowledge of:

- How to use humor to deflect life's challenges

- New tools on how to make a change (not nickels & dimes) in

   daily patterns

- New approaches to lighten up


We hope to see you at our next workshop, September 19, 2011 at 7:30-9:00 pm


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