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Quotes Liat's seminars improved my parenting skills significantly. Every day with the knowledge she enriched me with is a blessing. I'm now able to get to my kids in a friendly and loving way. Without raising my voice they now listen to me. The techniques Liat taught me are very practical and easy to use. The role playing sessions which were conducted throughout the seminars helped me realize important things first hand. I would recommend Liat's seminars and coaching services to anyone who is interested in bringing harmony to their families and lives. Quotes
Satisfied Dad

Quotes Liat Zohar is truly an exceptional life coach, who helped me make great positive changes, evolve and improve all my personal and professional relationships. With her professional knowledge, intelligence and compassion, Liat helped me deal with, and overcome significant challenges in my life; but most importantly, she empowered me to better steer it towards accomplishing my own goals. Liat opened my eyes to new perspectives and opportunities and afforded me with the simplest tools to find or create an upside in whatever I'm doing. She inspired me to become better at who I am, and for that I'll always be thankful. Quotes
Heela Gonen
Founder, Studio Parfum Inc.

Quotes For years I struggled with the behavior of one of my children and didn't know how to break the destructive cycle of our relationship. After trying everything else, I decided to give coaching a try. Liat's calm and non-judgemental approach enabled me to see what was really happening in the relationship and the effect my communication was having on situations. She helped me become aware of what I was bringing to the table and how I often set the tone for battle. Wow, what an eye opener! Going into it, I never could have imagined the impact coaching with Liat would have on my personal and family life. I am deeply grateful. Quotes
Ellen Burman

Quotes My wife and I attended your "Couples Connection" seminar in Los Gatos and I can't say enough how you touched our lives. We walked out of there with a new sense of where we needed to be in our relationship and what we need to be doing, why we're doing the things we are doing, and that we can make it better. You are a wonderful speaker and an inspiration to anyone who has the opportunity to see you in action. You touched our hearts and our minds like no one else has. Thank you so much for making such an impact on our lives. If we take the information you provided us and put it to work for us and use it the way you intend for it to be used, I know we can make it through anything. You are a wonderful woman on an incredible mission. Thank you, Quotes

Quotes Liat is an amazing coach! Her openness, her love, and her insightful questions have always helped me get quickly to the very issues that were crucial in my forward motion -- especially when I didn't know what they were. Thank you, Liat! I will gladly recommend you to anyone!" Love and blessings, Joel Orr Quotes
Joel Orr